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2020 Product Catalogue

We are proud to announce the latest edition of our industry leading SUI catalogue with many new products added to our Instrument and Procedure Pack ranges and a all new Consumables section.

Our Ophthalmic range has also been expanded to include our new Premium ProtectPack™ packaging to ensure product Integrity and Safety.

The Catalogue is now available to all existing and new customers who open an account.



Service & Reliability

A Partner supplier you can trust, we pride ourselves on our high levels of Quality, Service & Reliability

Service and Reliability

We have more than twenty years experience delivering to more than 18000 delivery points across the UK. Supplying hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, GP’s, dentists, veterinarians, academia, etc.

Our dedication to patient care translates from your need to a professional, efficient and reliable service. We understand that the high standards we set are measured by our next delivery, On time, in full, every time.

Deliveries and Distributors
We know that your deliveries are crucial to the efficiency of your business and ultimately to the most important person in the chain, your patient.
That is why we target ourselves with delivering in full, first time for every customer.
No shortages, no stock outs, no delays, no urgent orders elsewhere.

Supply continuity.

When you work with us in partnership, we purposefully discuss with you your usage and ongoing needs. We try to hold stock for you that will ensure none of the above ever happens.

Deliveries are from UK stock here in the Midlands.
We have strong motorway and road connections and use specific reliable couriers that we have worked with for many years, building a relationship that gets your products to you when you need them.

Usually a 48 working hours service, excluding Bank holiday’s and weekends, but we can supply overnight or timed deliveries if required (though often additional charges are incurred for this service).

Your preferred route of supply?
We partner distributors such as Bunzl Healthcare if you prefer to have orders supplied from a multi-supplier source. Do you have a specific route of supply? Then talk to us and we will see how that can be managed for you.

Customer Base

We supply the NHS in England including; Local trusts, regional hospitals, small clinics and private healthcare providers

Our Customers

As a rapidly expanding company, we welcome customers new and old. Our rate of growth bears testament to fulfilling our customer’s expectations. We supply the NHS, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, GP’s, dentists, veterinarians, academia etc.

Our business is built on friendly, efficient service with a generous helping of the old standards of face to face communication. We do not hide behind emails: we are there to talk to when you need us. But if you need an ‘express checkout’ then you can order from this website directly


Complying to all latest standards, including GS1 barcodes & GTIN number encoding

Standards Compliance

We have long held fast the familiar ‘track and trace’ principles throughout our industry. Compliance to standards is a paramount safety policy. At FCL Surgical, we ensure that all our products not only carry CE marking but exacting LRQA quality assurance certification too. But we go beyond that. The newly introduced ‘Scan4Safety’ principles have already been adopted and using GS1 compliant methods, our Apex Surgical instruments and procedure packs carry new GTIN numbers and a 2D barcode. We have technical files for all our products.

We are also PEPPOL registered to make ordering, delivery and invoicing, primarily through the NHS, more simple. As a Company, FCL Health Solutions Limited are regulated by the Medicines Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Our standards: Your safety.

Stock Management

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Stock Management

Hospital or clinic supplies systems are often overworked in managing stock levels and coping with short deliveries or urgent orders to cover for out of stock goods. Our experienced product specialists, mindful of your task, are regular visitors, keeping up to date with your inventory of our products, ensuring that increased demand is recognised and catered for to reduce the possibility of shortages. But it does not stop there. Before you become a partner with us, we take the time to look carefully at your usage data, plan your requirements and ensure we are carry stock before entering into a supplies arrangement with you. By working together, we endeavour to hold enough stock to cope with any increased demand; we aim to never short deliver. When demand drops, we talk to you about future levels – keeping pace with your changing circumstances. It is time well spent with our specialists – expecting the unexpected in the continuity of your supply stream.

We know you are busy – but sparing time to meet our team can be a real time saving in the future

Dedicated Staff

We are only as good as our people, our dedicated sales team are highly experienced and bring a wealth of knowledge

Dedicated Staff

We employ friendly, mature, professional, experienced specialists to manage our business and your partnership.

Our staff have backgrounds in the medical / surgical industry and all are MIA certified for theatre access. They have a number of years theatre experience either in a sales or training role or both and many have gone through AfPP training courses. We believe that this attention to detail gives our specialists the competencies required to visit theatres and attend surgical procedures. They understand how to comply with infection control guidelines and procedural policies.

Above all, they are people.

Friendly, consultative, knowledgeable and understanding. Integrity is unquestioned; professionalism in everything they do.

Want to know more about us? Why not link up with one of our specialists?

In the first instance contact one of our Operations Managers on 0121 272 1886 and let us help your business but if you need an urgent request, then you can enquire from this website or telephone us directly on 0121 272 1886.



Where quality products matter we achieve the highest quality in all we do


Today’s world is strongly influenced by trends to save money. It is easy to say but saving money often comes at a price – and that price is usually quality. The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ has probably never been more true.

Simply, quality and price cannot be treated in isolation; the two are dependent upon each other. With our Apex Surgical SUI and procedure packs, we strive to bring you the highest quality products at cost effective prices to remain within your budgetary constraints. There is no comprise – we simply produce the best we can as an affordable solution to your needs.


We bring some new thinking to the industry developing Long-term partnerships with our customers


At FCL Surgical we see our customers as our partners; choosing to use us is not just about seeing us as a supplier, it is about working together in partnership.

Our experienced staff are always looking to make our offering to you the best it can be. That comes from taking an interest in your business and what matters to you. Understanding your requirements and taking action to make dealing with us as easy as possible to save you valuable time and money.

That is being not just a supplier.
That is being a partner.