EU Sales

With a vast amount of expertise and experience we supply licenced and un-licenced pharmaceutical products to Germany, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Belgium and Lithuania.

Rest of the World

Our increasing developments and global contacts enable us to supply licenced and un-licenced products to Asia, Africa, Russian Federation, Oceania, South America and North America.

Our buying power and preferential rates with airlines and all major freight forwarding companies means that we are also able to be extremely competitive when it comes to the shipment of your order(s). 90% of our orders are dispatched within 24 hours and we can ship lifesaving medicines on the same day when required.

We are happy to accept payment in Pound Sterling (UK £, GBP), US Dollars (US $, USD) and Euros (€) and will be happy to quote in any of these prices.