Our Approach


Quality Standards

With this in mind we created our own brand Apex Surgical single use instruments. Made from the highest quality surgical stainless steel, our products are fully CE marked to the latest rigorous standards. To complete our diligence, our business is FDA approved.


Our service is unique and bespoke to you. We place your business as our priority. Whether your needs are cost savings, efficiency savings, standardisation, rationalisation or 'streamlining', we aim to help.

In our constantly changing world there is a growing demand for traceability. FCL Surgical are leaders in bringing the latest legislative measures to market as soon as possible. 2D coding, QR codes, GTIN and Scan4Safety are already part of the language that we speak.

As pressure mounts to develop these systems within your healthcare environment, be assured that not only does our product have all the latest CE marks and FDA approval, we have placed great importance in complying with all of the new packaging and labelling requirements so that when you chose FCL Surgical as a supplier, you can be safe in the knowledge that we not only understand but fully support your business.